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Asin’Art 2009 – Charity Event

Asin’Art 2009

Charity Event dedicated to children of Castelbuono

1-15 giune 2009

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Asin’art 2009… What?

Everything is born

from a passion for the donkey of girl Cecilia, who for years it has found a mate, which made it much safer and courageous. For her it was a true friend of games, long walks, a huge stuffed animal alive that can make them feel strong emotions. Here, what we want to achieve them is really a gift, through the intervention of artists and their creativity is the donkey. The intent is to create a book with pictures of the work carried out, the photo of the author, and a minimum of the same biography, a book that will be sold and the proceeds of which will be fully allocated to the radius of the sun for the project. We were asked to donate a drawing, a painting, an object that we created … that represents the donkey. It is not important that it is beautiful, the important thing is to donate what you feel. The works will be exhibited, not only during the event, but will be organized exhibitions in various parts of Sicily, to sponsor the sale of the book and the project itself. All this, to ensure a baby Cecilia, a gift of absolute value, a gift that means all works and activities will accompany him throughout his life to remember what you are doing for her and for all those who, like you want help .

Artists who have donated their work:

Apa Giuseppe, Apicella Francesco, Asaro Anna Maria, Baio Francesco, Bonomo Tina, Caprara Riva Donatella, Capuana Vincenzo, Carì Giuseppe, Caracozzo Sebastiano, Chiaramonte Gianpaolo, Città Salvatore, Compagnone Caterina, Conciauro Bartolomeo, Conciauro Maddalena, Di Carlo Aurelio, Di Liberto Martina, Estero Massimo, Fiasconaro Giovanni, Feo Naire, Gori Daniele, Gambera Rosario, Genovesi Ornella, Guarcello Emanuela, Gloria Isabella, Gargano Giuseppe, Giusti Giuseppe, Lo Manto Gaetano, Litrico Ivana, Kindia, Lippa Maria Luisa, Miggiano Aldo, Manganello Giuseppe, Marchese Giuseppe, Mocciaro Carmelo, Mazzola Alessandro, Mirabella Antonella, Madè Pippo, Miliziano Joseph, Mazzola Pippo, Mazzamuto Nunzio, Nobile Daniela, Nocera Pasquale, Pau Luana, Pinzino Egger Mimma, Pintaudi Francesco, Pollara Domenico, Pucci Carla, Ramondo Mariella, Ribellino Maurizio, Rizzo Salvatore, Russo Giusy, Ruma Emanuela, Sgrò Rosaria, Saladino Donatella, Sottile Eleonora, Scherma Salvatore, Sottile Giovanni, Severino Flavio, Serra Tommaso, Sorriso Valvo Cettina, Toscano Franco, Trapani/Calabretta, Truncali Accursio, Valenti Orazio.

Event organizer and creator: Claudio Polizzano info@asinart.it

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