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Transfiguration of Christ

Transfiguration of Christ

oil on canvas

80×120 cm – 2009

In this painting I represented the Transfiguration, giving a new look to Christ, more modern, relevant, contemporary, with the lineaments of a man with no nationality, who represents all men, citizens of the world.

The disciples are frightened by what is infront them, Christ transfigured and God speaking to them, events that leave a mark …
After 2000 years, it is difficult to imagine what might have happened inside the minds of those who finds himself witness to an event so unique; at that precise moment, no doubt, an inner struggle between hiding or observe what happened…

I have thus represented the three disciples in different attitudes: who is careful observer in prayer; another is afraid and tries to find comfort in everything that surrounds and unwittingly, he rips the dress of his neighbor. The third witness, finally, tries to protect her eyes from strong light, emanating from dress of Christ.
The cloud, is dark but bright, is imperious, with a triangular design in it, it symbolizes God …

The Jesus with his arms in a position of crucifixion and a hole in his right wrist, clutching a nail with your other hand…makes explicit the message and what will be the course of events, its destiny, undoubtedly none.
His robes, are white and pure, like his mind.

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  • Italy