Gori Daniele
italian painter

Fragments of Existence

Faenza – 18-30 Luglio 2009

Fontanone Arte


Daniele Gori
Daniela Cappiello
Luigi Mregalli
Martha Scharle-Breznay
Carlo Contegno
Silvana Struffaldi
Matteo Procaccioli
Tina Loiodice
Serena Pulitti
Yara Buyda
Pasquale Mastrogiacomo
Edda Voir
Karme Gonzalvo
Ana Camilo
Giosi Constan
Alessandra Veccia
Sante Muro
Salvatore Anzalone

The international art exhibition “Fragments of Existence” through different mechanisms and technical languages wants to focus on a key issue: …there are moments in which our existence is fragmented into small pieces or…patches of many colors… Meaningless, lost in the chaos of nothingness awaiting an adhesive or the breath of life that gives them shape new or old to rebuild the sense of being whatever it is: this is Art.

Thus, the color, materials, techniques are invested with deep meanings, symbols, artistic and cultural concepts that contemporary authors develop through their talent and creativity.

Each element has no meaning, can and must take shape and life through the mediation of the artist who plays a central role, can destroy or create to create to destroy the eternal attempt to reach a new dimension unknown.

The frequent question on the different roads and purpose of artistic expression, this Exhibition responds with the precise intent of artists and public awareness to respect the environment, supporting each useful path to invest resources and energy in the process of reusing materials.

Fragments of Existence – Catalogue

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Daniele Gori artist

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