Gori Daniele
italian painter

Monochrome Sensations

Roma – 21 decembre 2008 – 12 gennuary 2009

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art
By Sabrina Falzone,
Critic and Art Historian

Italian and foreign artists participating in the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art “SENSATIONS Monochrome” to be held for a period of about a month from 21 December ‘08 12 January ‘09 at the renowned literary coffee of Rome, located in Via Ostiense 83 95, with two entrances on the main road. The inauguration is scheduled for Sunday, December 21 at 20.30 and will be held in the presence of the national artistic personality as Nadia Presotto known journalist of the Corriere dell’Arte.

The Literary Cafe, designed by architects and Alfredo Pultrone Vincenzo Caporale, presents itself as a multifunctional space of about a thousand square meters, which will host this exhibition of visual arts at the “Sensation Monochrome”.

The international art exhibition, themed free, discusses the mechanisms, languages and techniques that are geared to mono. Thus, the color is used mainly invested deep meanings, symbols, artistic and cultural concepts that contemporary authors develop through their talent and creativity.


Curator of the exhibition: Sabrina Falzone
Features: Dr. G. Di Salvo
Art Direction: Dominic Easter
Office graph G. Di Salvo
Email: mostre@sabrinaf